5 Must-have Pieces In An Urban-wear Wardrobe

February 28, 2018 by NicolasAnderson | Filed under Business Services.

Being stylish is a matter of choice. It’s these choices that represents us in the society; it’s these choices that reflects our personalities. That’s the reason why we need to be careful on what we wear. When it comes to urban wear styles, it’s something that has evolved for a very long time. Today, there are various variations of urban styling. Hence, if your ever needed to assemble a stylish urban wear wardrobe, you’re going to need a number of things. Amongst them, there are absolute essentials.

Here are 5 of those must-have pieces.

  • A leather Jacket

No matter you were male or female, your urban wear wardrobe is never complete without a, preferably black, jacket that will boost your charisma at first sight. They can be used with all kinds of shoes and is indeed a great investment. But in buying jackets, you need to ensure that they fit you well; otherwise it’s going to be quite uncomfortable.

  • 2-3 pairs of stylish shoes

Shoes make a big difference in a person’s appearance. That is why it is advised to always polish or maintain in the way they should be in order to impart a good impression and also to prolong the lifespan of them. Going for a good pair of sneakers, Chelsea boots, and loafers can be named as the three essential types; with the importance varying in the descending order.

  • A solid hoodie

Hoodies helps you to protect yourself from morning breeze and to keep the body warm on colder days. Although there are many kinds of hoodies, the ones under the brand bape Singapore are found to be the most stylish and cost-effective ones. The availability of them in camouflage and urban designs will help you to pull of great outfits easily.

  • Fancy shorts

Being another type of clothing that are manufactured under the above brand, you’ll see the impact that such shorts can impart on people. You can go for both printed and plain colored shorts to be subtle and stylish. They necessarily don’t have to be branded as long as they feel good and look good.

  • A signature hat

It is always epic to be identified by a specific element of fashion in the community, such as a hat. Hence, if you could, you could go for hats and caps and make sure that they fit you well.

There are many things such as the textbook black crew neck, the black dress, the Henley and so on. But including the above 5 will be a good start to assemble the best urban wear wardrobe.

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