Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

May 15, 2015 by NicolasAnderson | Filed under Beauty & Health Services.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery in and around your mouth you may only think that there are a few treatments that may benefit your appearance. If you do a bit more digging, however, you will soon realise that this isn’t the case because there are tens and hundreds of procedures which you can have to change the appearance of your pearly whites. America started the trend, where it is considered a sin to have bad teeth, but the rest of the world is soon starting to catch up and cosmetic enhancements for this part of our bodies are fast becoming the most popular form of surgery in the world. So if you are one of those people who is chasing the perfect smile here are a few of the procedures which you may require.When it comes to ‘bad teeth’ the most common form is probably broken teeth and overcrowding of the mouth – there is just something about them that doesn’t promote attractiveness. As a result, there needs to be a procedure which can fix these ailments and this is where veneers come into the scenario. Basically, veneers are used to surgically enhance teeth by remoulding them and shaping them into the perfect smile which you are searching for. This could involve making them thicker, making them squarer or longer or just increasing the dimension. All this means that you can fix broken or badly stained teeth, correct gaps and correct crowding in the mouth which certainly proves why they are in the top five of cosmetic dentistry techniques.

You could have all the necessary ingredients for the perfect smile but it can all be very easily negated if these components are not straight. Within society a perfect smile cannot be perfect by its very definition if there is something wrong with it, and crooked teeth definitely fall into the imperfect category. Therefore, one major form of best cosmetic dentistry in Singapore is all about shaping teeth to look like they are straight which is generally done two ways. The first is cosmetically where you go under the knife and the surgeon uses an electrosurge unit – a device which creates heat – to manipulate the gum and the reshape the teeth. The second is the most common form and that is orthodontics. You see this every day and may have even been subject to some form of it before and it generally includes braces being attached to the whole of the mouth which then pull and straighten teeth over a rather long time period.

With a modern day diet we are all subject to some tooth decay which is why fillings may have to be an option. Although they may not deal with the aesthetics of a perfect smile they will lead to tooth decay which in turn will lead to them falling out – you cannot have the perfect smile if you don’t have any teeth to start with.

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