Exhilarating and Affordable Dolphin And Whale Watch Destinations

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Has whale watching been your dream and has always featured in your wish-list? Then, you should definitely explore Sri Lanka. What else can be a better place other than this South Asian island nation to take pleasure in splendid whale and dolphin watching? The beaches in this country along with unforgettable memories of dolphin and whale watch would entice any and every traveller.

Sri Lanka can be the ideal destination for a memorable dolphin and whale watch

Let’s consider, the Mirissa Beach, a true paradise and is inundated with astonishing scenic views. Besides being a popular spot among holiday-makers and water-sport lovers, this is also a fantastic location to enjoy the awe-inspiring moments with Fin whales, Sperm Whales, Killer whales, Blue whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins and Common dolphins. Certainly, the beaches in Sri Lanka would let you take home cherishing moments that are hard to find elsewhere. It’s an emerging destination that has caught the fancy of swarms of tourists who long to enjoy astounding whale and dolphin watch in Sri Lanka.

It has been the latest trend among scores of travel-aficionado who traverse miles to reach this popular spot. With vast coastline at its disposal, Sri Lanka is a migration route of these aquatic lives. The remote and secluded locations in Alankuda beach in west coast, Dondra Point in south and east coast of Trincomalee, western coastal cities of Ambalangoda, Alutgama and Hikkaduwa are marvellous for aquatic animals watching.

Dolphin and whale watching tourism has already gained incredible impetus as Sri Lanka has unveiled a remarkable new horizon in its deep south. The peak seasons from November to March are the ideal spells to enjoy dolphin and whale watching and also add to your savings.

There are other destinations to enjoy this beautiful experience of dolphin and whale watch

Well, there are other popular spots for experiencing special moments of whale and dolphin watch like Southern Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, New South Whales, etc. that stay crammed with these amazing water-lives.

Trip operators to enjoy affordable packages

To add to the thrill and excitement of whale and dolphin watching, you can seek the assistance of reputed trip organisers who are efficient in planning affordable packages experiencing the beaches along with impressive dolphin and whale sighting. The money-saving and pleasing packages often include fully-insured trawler boats, lifeguards, life jackets, luxurious hotels, transportation, complimentary breakfast, etc.

So, if you are planning your next big thing, then go for the stirring and affordable whale and dolphin viewing packages that would offer you memories you can etch to your mind forever. Try to contact and hire the right tour organizers and get the best packages.

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