Pros And Cons Of Online Shopping

November 21, 2017 by NicolasAnderson | Filed under Business Services.

With the increase in the use of the internet and the increase in the facilities provided, one of the increasing uses of the internet has become to shop online. People these days spend their time doing shopping online than walking into a store, they use the internet to buy everything from clothes to air tickets. People prefer online shopping for various different reasons and this has taken a toll on many stores but many others stores have also started providing customers with online shopping options. Is there any benefit of online shopping? Are there any cons of online shopping that you, as the shopper, should think about and know about?

Pro: convenient.

In contrast with a physical store with settled hours, if you shop online you don’t have to worry about what time of the day it is, night or early in the morning. Online shopping would help people who cannot leave their home for personal reasons shop at the convenience of their home. Even if you are experiencing very bad weather conditions you could still sit at home and do your shopping. You could sit at home and order some birthday flowers to be delivered to your friend, instead of strolling through a relialbe floral shop and spending too much of time traveling back and forth.

Con: intangible.

If you were to buy clothes online there are chances that the material or the size might be messed up or it may turn out to be completely different from what you may have expected it to be. Even if you know your measurements and the brand of the dress you are purchasing, you still cannot try it on before buying it, therefore you don’t really know whether or not it will look good on you. Anything online is pretty much intangible, although you may find an online store that sells flower delivery Singapore you can’t touch them or smell them like you could at a physical store.

Pro: price comparison.

The greatest advantage of online shopping is probably being able to compare prices of different store. When you walk into a store you are most likely to buy the good that you see at whatever prices it’s sold at without knowing whether or not you can get the same thing for a cheaper price. Online stores often provide you with various different discounts and offers to keep you interested, they also provided services such as cash back if you are not satisfied with whatever you’ve purchased! If you sign up for the newsletters they would email you every time there is a sale or even offer you some loyalty rewards.

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