The Main Advantages Of The Buffet System

December 15, 2017 by NicolasAnderson | Filed under Business Services.

In most events and gatherings, food servicing done by caterers can be chosen in one of two formats. One is the table service method, while the other is the buffet method.  The former is chosen mainly for small-scale gatherings and formal events, mainly due to how clean and organized the whole process is. Despite this, we shouldn’t ignore the buffet system: after all the advantages it does provide over the table service method are numerous, making it actually the better choice for a lot of different situations you are likely to encounter at parties and other events:

 It is Quicker

 A major drawback of the table service method is the fact that it consumes a whole lot of time to go through all the processes in a methodical fashion. Although this is not a problem when you need to get only two or three people served, what do you do when you have about sixty or seventy others waiting in time? With the buffet system, your Halal catering services Singapore can quickly provide food serving facilities for a large number of people at once, making it the obvious choice for large-scale parties.

 More Food Variety

 In the table service method, it is difficult to provide a large variety of food items. Since everything will already be prepared and broken up into portions, there is a limit to what caterers can add to a plate? On the other hand, buffet catering can provide a variety of food items in separate containers, with people having a lot of choice on what they want to eat and what to skip.

 Reduces Food Wastage

 The buffet system is of the self-service variety, which means that guests can choose what kind of food they want to eat as well as the quantity. This means that they can just add enough food to their place according to their appetite, thus reducing unnecessary wastage of food.

 No Waiting Time Between Dishes

 In the buffet system, you can decide to switch between your main course, dessert and appetizer when you feel like. You don’t need to place another order and wait for your dish to get delivered like in the table service method. You can even repeat the same dish if you ever feel like, which means that you enjoy a whole lot more freedom with the buffet system.

 Ability to Freely Move Around

 The way the buffet system works means that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the location where you want to eat. You can also talk and chat with other people, and change locations whenever you feel like. Compared to the table servicing system, where you are confined to a single table until you finish the whole meal, it provided a lot more freedom.

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