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Dentists play a vital role in promoting the general health of a country’s population. Often on the cutting edge of technology that commonly sees the use of lasers and computer-assisted diagnosis, dental hygiene is an exciting, fulfilling and challenging profession that allows individuals to provide a service to others, practice a balanced lifestyle and to be both educators and professionals.

In today’s fast-paced world, clients are looking for reliable, professional and affordable health services. Due to this high demand for quality and the increase of globalisation, various countries have seen expatriates (expats) make use of an expat dentist and the establishment of expat dental practices has become an everyday occurrence.

An expat dentist usually provides dental services for expats at competitive rates and often also employs dentists that are expats themselves. These practices often limit the employment of assistants, thus keeping overall costs down.

Expat Dental is one such practice, providing quality dental care to expat and Singaporean families in a personal and enjoyable space, making our clients our first priority. Our dentists use the latest dental technology and tools available to ensure professional treatments. At Expat Dental, we offer services ranging from dental implants to oral surgery at competitive prices.

Singapore is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for dental tourism. Expat Dental is a popular option for dental tourists, who seek professional and technologically-advanced dental services outside of their local medical systems either because of a lack of availability of a specific treatment or technology, pricing or simply because they are on holiday. In most countries, dental costs are constantly rising and more often than not, are not covered by insurance policies.

Some of the benefits of dental tourism include:

Lower costs for superior quality services

Chance to travel

Insurance benefits

More options

Some procedures are more popular among dental tourists. One of the more popular services includes endodontic procedures, which deals with the roots and nearby tissues. Dental implants and laser dentistry are also popular options.

Like most things, dental travel has its risks, especially regarding common activities related to travelling in general. From your position before and after your procedure (for instance in a car or plane with limited space), to the comfort of your accommodation after the procedure – all of these factors must be kept in mind before considering undergoing serious dental procedures in another country.

Risks such as infection or swelling may also be higher due to travel.

Keeping the above in mind, dental travel is becoming an increasingly popular option and can prove a life-changing experience if the correct precautions are taken and the dentist’s after-care advice is followed correctly.

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